3M Architectural Surface Finishes

Architectural Wraps and Graphics

We love the feel of textures and this is a cornerstone of our society’s architecture, and thanks to the advancements in printing technology afforded to us these days, we can print wraps with graphics that look just like the real thing.  We are highly trained and experienced in creating custom architectural graphics wraps so you can design any surface exactly the way you think it should look, and not be committed to it forever, either. Wraps are quick to apply by an experienced professional, not permanent, and resistant to scratches and similar damage.

Architectural surface finishes will add style and dimension to your interior and exterior surfaces. Give your space an Inspirational finish.  We use 3M  Di-Noc, an innovative vinyl with textures that offer cost-effective alternatives to an otherwise expensive and lengthy project. The warm look of wood that looks so real you can almost smell it as if it was freshly cut…  the sleek feel of metal, the cool tone of natural stone or brick. These are all available with our high-end architectural surface finishes and wraps. Now you can transform any room in days instead of weeks, or longer, into a whole new look, and if you grow tired of it, you can remove it and reuse it elsewhere!  Some of the most common groups of surface finishes are leathers and woods, though metals are also popular.

Whether you are wanting to renovate a whole room, build on to your existing space, or just slightly modify the look of an area like a living room or kitchen, you can utilize these innovative products to change surfaces such as walls, ceilings, floors, and much more!

There are literally hundreds of choices of architectural surface finishes, which tends to make the process of working with architectural finishes and wraps very exciting.  It also feels great to know you’ll be expressing something unique- you don’t have to worry about looking average or picking out something all of your neighbors will have next week. With over 500 surfaces to choose from‚ the Di-Noc line of architectural finish architectural graphics project today! You have nothing to lose!

Murals that Tell a Story

Murals are a very neat way to share a feeling or invoke a tone in passers-by, whether it be in the workplace to keep employees motivated and in happy spirits, or at an event aimed at creating a feeling of sadness so that attendees will open their pocketbooks and donate to a good cause.  Murals are very similar to wall graphics wraps, except they tend to consist of a panoramic type of scene or imagery that goes on the length of a wall or other such surface. You can also consider wallpaper that can be printed with any design you choose or create to be a mural in a sense.

You can contact us or call us directly at (919)685–7641 for any quote or general questions. We’re always happy to share the knowledge we’ve gained over nearly 20 years in this business with you, so don’t hesitate to ask anything that’s on your mind about the many things you can do with these types of products.

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