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Do you need a leading vehicle wrap in Raleigh for your business? Contact Sign Scientist for the most affordable solutions.


Need a method to enhance the visibility of your brand or business and develop the professional image your organization requires? Look no further than Sign Scientist. We provide the best vehicle wraps for any vehicle. We offer vehicle wraps, business vehicle wraps, or personal wraps for your organization. We’re based in Raleigh, but Service all of North Carolina. 

Regardless of where your business is located, we can develop the ideal vinyl wrap to aid any of your marketing and business objectives. Sign Scientist’s professional installers have combined experience of more than 30 years. Our professional installers are trained specially to ensure your wrap is executed perfectly—on any vehicle model. When you require a cohesive wrap for your commercial cars, trailers, vans or trucks, our experts can help you out.


Types of Vehicle Wraps We Offer

There are moments when a full vehicle wrap may not be ideal for the requirements of your brand or organization. The great news is that there are other ways you can utilize your vehicle as an instrument for promotion by capitalizing on partial vehicle wraps, vinyl graphics or vehicle magnets.

Full Vehicle Wraps

A full vehicle wrap is an ideal option if you want to transform your vehicle into a powerful tool for advertising your business. Visibility is not an issue as the windshield is usually not covered with a wrap. However, it is possible to cover other windows using a perforated window film which lets you see just as properly as you would without a wrap.

With this kind of wrap, you can cover your entire bus, truck, trailer, or car with any design you want. We offer you the option of choosing the graphics and colors of your choice, which means you can use any concept for your wraps. This lets you enhance your visibility in any location you take your vehicle, even when it is not moving.

Our high-quality vinyl looks fantastic in all weather conditions. It also comes with an additional layer of protection, which is excellent for vehicles always in use.

Partial Vehicle Wraps

If you don’t want to wrap your entire vehicle, we also provide partial vehicle wraps. With this, you can focus on a precise part of your car to promote your business or your brand. We give you the option of selecting an area which is suitable for you, ranging from your bumper, door, hood, etc. You can also combine various regions depending on your needs. Our experts carefully place the partial wraps to the surface of your choosing, following the original lines and designs of your vehicle to create an appealing finish.

If you have a limited budget, this is the best option for you.

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are cut into the image shape you desire to be placed on your vehicle. They allow you to move around any location of your vehicle depending on the requirements of your organization. However, if you are unable to place this in the appropriate location at the first try and needs to be taken off, you will be unable to reapply it. Instead you will need to install a new one.


Why Choose Sign Scientist for Your Vehicle Wraps?

If you need vinyl wraps for your commercial, industrial, business or personal vehicle, Sign Scientist is at your one-stop service. We have:

High-Quality Materials

We use only high-quality 3M or Avery materials when creating your vehicle wrap although on occasion we’ll use materials according to customer requests.  With Sign Scientist, you get the most value for your money.

Experienced Hands

Our professional installers are highly experienced. With more than 30 years of combined experience, you can be confident that your vehicle is in the right hands. Our installers have been well trained to handle your vehicle with the utmost level of care, which means no damage comes to your car during the process of installing the wrap. We also train every employee in customer service and vehicle cleanup, so you’ll always talk to a friendly face and leave with a gleaming vehicle.

A Secure Environment

When you leave your vehicle with us at Sign Scientist, you can rest assured that it is in safe hands. 

The Most Affordable Prices

Sign Scientist offers the most affordable prices in Raleigh. Our vehicle wraps are budget-friendly, Printed and laminated with care, expertly applied. We offer you the best services tailored to your budget—without any compromise on the quality of work we do for you.

The Right Wraps for Every Vehicle

Sign Scientist develops beautiful, eye-catching van wraps, car wraps, or truck wraps. We’re here to help you achieve your marketing and visibility objectives through expert design, color choices, and wrap style.

Free Quotes

Call us today! As soon as we know the make and model of your vehicle, the size and style of the wrap you would like, and any details about the designs you prefer, we will develop a custom quote in line with your budget and create the best vehicle wraps for your requirement.

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