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Sign Scientist is one of the biggest names in print collateral. If you want to take advantage of our offerings, get in touch with us, and you will be glad you did. With print collaterals, you can draw much-needed attention to your services, products, brand, or event. Print collateral materials are printed materials that are kept in areas where prospective clients can easily spot them. They are tools for marketing a firm’s products. There is a high level of competition in various sectors of the economy. Due to this, if your firm must thrive in a very competitive world, you have to take intentional steps to ensure that information about the services offered by your company is made available. The truth is; you never can tell how much your business needs that extra word of mouth. This is one reason to make use of print collateral to advertise your services and products. However, poorly done print collateral or a company without the right experience, won’t get you the result you need. That is why you need the services of an experienced company like Sign Scientist. There are various types of printed collateral materials we can help you with. Some of them are:

Marketing Brochures

It is not always a perfect sight to have an empty booth when you are involved in a public event. An empty booth might appear neat. It, however, has a way of putting off people attending the event you are participating in. While some people might go ahead and put up a bowl of sweets on their booth to take up space, this will not in any way stick to the minds of people. To get into the heads of people without saying anything to them, you need to occupy the space on your booth with printed materials. This is important as there usually is not enough time to tell attendees a lot about your company and its services. Our experts can help you out with this.

A Card Rack

Brochures are important. However, not every firm can afford to print as much as they want. So, if you are on a tight budget and will not be able to afford one, our experts can help you design an appealing card rack. With a card rack, you have access to just the right amount of space for promoting a product. Sometimes considered mini brochures, card racks can be positioned in cheap plastic stands.


If you are looking to make use of print collateral, you can make use of postcards. Although famous for sending mail, postcards can do a lot more than sending mail. While postcards can be used to promote your business, they can do more than this. They can also be used in offering discounts for your products.

Business cards

If you are not willing to take advantage of the availability of other printed materials, you can make use of business cards. Business cards are ideal for people that need to make use of printed materials but are on a very tight budget. They can briefly describe what your business is all about. Therefore, keeping your business in the minds of a prospective client without you needing to spend so much.

Importance of Print Collateral

We live in a digital age. At this age, a lot of people naturally assume that print material has lost its place. Contrary to what a lot of people assume, print material is still very relevant. Below are some benefits of print material.

It Can Help Reach Already Existing Clients

Print materials, no doubt, can be very active in helping you generate leads. They, however, can do more than that. With print materials, the relationship your firm has with old customers can be tightened. A simple example of this is you can send an old customer mail with a catalog or postcard. This can contain a discount code that will spur them to patronize you. That’s not all; you can take advantage of print materials to advertise your new services if you just added a new service. There is a massive likelihood that anyone that liked a product you had in the past will also want an improved version of that product.

You Can Make Your Customers Blow Your Trumpet

Print collateral is not just a means of making your prospective clients aware of the existence of your products and services. It can be taken advantage of in getting your customers to blow your trumpet. While you can achieve a level of progress by marketing your products with well-written lines, you can accomplish a lot more when a customer puts out word for you. You can make customer testimonial a major part of your print media. Once you have a good amount of customer testimonial on your print media, it gets easy for your prospective clients to trust your products and services. A simple example of this is putting up pictures that show the state of a car after an accident and after you work on it (presuming you own a body workshop). This can help you earn the trust of a prospective client that has just been involved in a crash. This goes a long way to prove how vital it is to have a good relationship with past clients. One very effective way to market a service or product from a firm is through the use of word of mouth.

It Helps the Image of Your Brand

With the use of print material, it is possible to seal the place of your brand in a specific niche. Having the right brand image is vital for firms of various sizes and at multiple levels. It, however, is a lot more critical for firms that are just getting started.

It Proves Your Worth

With the use of print materials of high quality, it becomes easy and comfortable for customers to patronize you. The reason for this is simple.  Customers will have a good impression of your company.

Why You Should Work with Sign Scientists

Sign Scientist is one of the most successful firms in the business of designing print collaterals. This is one reason working with us is something that will offer you lots of benefits. Here are some benefits of working with sign scientist
  • We are affordable
  • Highly Experienced
  • The right level of training
  • Only use high-quality materials
  • Shipping anywhere in the USA and Canada
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