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Architectural Wall Wraps & Murals are an excellent way to transform your home or office space into something truly extraordinary that reflects your sense of style, your personality, or even a cool way to convey your company’s vision and mission in your business to inspire your employees. There’s a lot of reasons for doing a wall wrap or mural, and we’ll help you turn your good ideas and reasons into a reality that you can touch, feel and see each and every day when you walk by your creation.

Great for Your Home or Office Alike

Wall graphics can be used either as home décors or marketing tools. Contact us today for more information about our wall wraps and murals, or any of our other high-quality digital printing services available.

Some of the most popular uses for wall wraps and murals are things including…


SignScientist makes it easy for you to get quality murals and wall wrap printed and even installed so you get an outstanding result that is free of all defects, and will last a long time. All of our wall graphic wraps and murals use quality adhesive to produce wall designs suitable for either indoor or outdoor applications.


Aside from being a great way to simply transform boring bare walls, wall wraps can help you with marketing and promotion, and in a way that people will remember because they stand out naturally since they’re uncommon and nothing like a ordinary ad or marketing message used by most people.  Decorate your office or store walls with wall wraps designed with your products, business name, logo, or tagline. Use life-size wall wraps to show everybody the features and benefits of your products or service. You can always bring a natural bit of wildlife into your environment with a wrap or mural as well, such as a beautiful sunset over the city panorama or a scene straight out of the wild jungle. Anything is possible.

Professional Print Company with Professional Results

SignScientist is a professional custom wall wrap and mural design and digital printing company that offers cost-efficient and high-quality printed products and services. Check out our library of blog posts and articles for design inspirations and tips on how to use wall wraps and similar graphics products like murals, for marketing purposes.

Designs You Can Choose or Create Yourself

There are plenty of designs that you can use for wall graphic prints. Art, sports, fashion, animals, travel, abstract and kid’s graphics are among the designs that you can use. Use removable wall stickers with various themes to decorate your home, office or store during special events and seasons.  We can help you choose a design already available, or help you create one from scratch if you prefer!

Submit your completed wall wraps or mural designs to us for a professional print job that brings it to life in stunning color that will last for years to come!. Our team of printing experts here at SignScientist will check them for technical issues such as margins and bleed setup. Once this is finished, we can get a proofed file to you and all you have to do is send it back for approval before we proceed to print production.

  • Contact us with your project and we can brainstorm with you to create a truly amazing wall print or mural that captures the true essence of anything you want it to, and then print and install your idea. We can also take your design as-is and simply duplicate it with our printing equipment without any alterations, exactly how you want it. This is our passion, so rest assured you are in the right hands with whatever look you desire to achieve on your building or wherever else you intend to do a wall wrap or mural!

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